Earliest Pioneers of “Me Too” Movement were American Women of Colour struggling with Impact of SHIW

I recently discovered that the MeToo Movement was pioneered by black American women well over a decade before we began hearing about the #MeToo movement on the news. Tarana Burke, a survivor of multiple incidents of sexual harassment and assault, wanted to support other black women who had similar experiences to share their stories. She started support groups for women of colour that were actually called “Me Too” groups. Ms. Burke also pioneered Just Be Inc. in 2006, an organ

What can NFL Football teach employers about how to deal with sexual harassment?

By Guest Blogger By Riley After years of resistance, the formerly-named “Washington Redskins” have finally dropped their racist team name and are looking for a new mascot. But beyond rebranding, the newly minted “Washington Football Club” is also scrambling to tackle allegations of sexual harassment levelled this summer by more than 40 female employees. That will take far more than a new logo to fix. The women told the Washington Post in July and August 2020 they were subject


Sexual harassment at work isn’t just discrimination. It needs to be treated as a health and safety issue and the focus should be on prevention rather than on individual complaints By: Guest Blogger Lisa Heap- Adjunct professor, Australian Catholic University There has been little comfort for AMP’s female employees in the corporate heavyweight’s bid to put its sexual harassment scandal to bed. Nor, for that matter, women in any workplace. The resignations of AMP’s chairman Dav

How to Help Prevent Workplace Harassment After #MeToo by Guest Blogger Stuart Rudner: Since the Ghomeshi scandal a few years back, our office has seen the number of sexual harassment cases increase substantially. That number has only risen since Harvey Weinstein and the #MeToo movement that followed it. The viral social media campaign sheds light on the pervasiveness of this behaviour in the entertainment and political arenas. Yet it’s become clear that sexual harassment extends far beyond nearly every work