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Instant LOCK Free Download is a simple-to-use program which allows you to quickly lock the folders from your hard disk or external drive. This is exactly the kind of software you would want to install on your system, especially when your computer is used by other people as well. It allows you to maintain a high level of privacy for your folders. Upon initialization, you are required to set a master password. The interface of the application is based on a simplistic window in which you have few options at your disposal. You can import folders by using the file browser or the "drag and drop" method. In the list you can check out the name, drive, full path and status of each folder. Once you have added a folder, it will be automatically locked. In this case, you can only access it from Instant LOCK 2022 Crack or when you remove it from the list. In the "Settings" menu you can disable Instant LOCK Crack Free Download from staying on top of other applications, along with Windows menu integration. In addition, you can change the login password and create a new user, as well as recover disk space (e.g. empty Recycle Bin, delete the memory dump file), run a script or program, erase Internet traces (e.g. address bar URL history, cookies) and remove other traces on exit (e.g. Run history, latest file searches, the Recent Documents list). The program runs on a low-to-moderate amount of system resources and hasn't caused us any issues during our tests. Folders can be quickly locked and unlocked. The "Lock" button is useless, since all folder are automatically locked in this list. A help file is not available. To conclude, Instant LOCK 2022 Crack is an excellent tool for locking folders and we strongly recommend it to all users. Just make sure to unlock them before removing the program from your computer (or before the trial expires). Otherwise, they will be automatically deleted. What do you think about Instant LOCK 2022 Crack? Rate It InstanLOCK v1.2 Release date: 01-10-2009 Size: 3.9 Mb InstanLOCK v1.2 Release date: 01-10-2009 Size: 3.9 Mb Please be aware that download locations can change frequently, and so can the links on this page. This page will be updated if and when new links become available for the file mentioned above. If there are any problems, a5204a7ec7

Ease of use 3.3 Functionality 3.7 Quality of resources 4.7 System requirements Required: Windows 8 / Windows 8.1 / Windows 10 (64-bit editions) Processor: 1.3 GHz (single-core) / 1.8 GHz (dual-core) / 2.4 GHz (quad-core) RAM: 512 MB Screenshots Instant LOCK - Tested on Windows 8.1 Instant LOCK - Tested on Windows 10 About: The program creates a list of existing folders. The program uses two "on exit" actions: wiping folders (and their content) and then cleaning Internet traces (addresses, history, cookies). Some features of this software are a virus scanner, limiting the display of details, with a secure login (easily reset). The program will not access sensitive files directly. The idea is based on a list of folders and files: not to be found on your computer. Conceptually, Instant LOCK is a list of folders. The idea is to mask them and restrict access to their content, especially when you want to share a PC with other people. How to install Instant LOCK? 1. After downloading, install and launch the program. The program will be automatically installed. You will be prompted to enter the administrator password and a master key. 2. The program will use the same password for all applications - always remember it. 3. After a successful installation, the program will be ready to use, and will run in the background. First, you can activate the program using the "Security menu". You will have several options to select: Lock screen Show tray icon Show always on top A simple menu will be displayed below, where you have: History list Permissions Keep on top "Remove" "Lock and unlock" Password To add folders, simply drag-and-drop them from your file manager. Then close the Instant LOCK window. Several operations can be done with a selected folder. For example, you can delete it from the list, place the "lock" or "unlock" button on top of the Windows taskbar, or add the selected folder to


Instant LOCK Crack Full Version [Mac/Win] [Updated] 2022

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